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The core goal of all businesses is to achieve sustainable profitable growth and thus to increase the value of the company continuously. And efficiency along with talented and motivated employees are the foundation for our future success. Here, sustainability, our entrepreneurial activities.

Goals of company

TQM = Total Quality Management

on the participation of all its members, management method, an organization that provides high quality at the center and by satisfying customers on long-term business success as well as benefits for the
Members of the organization and to society aims.

Total Quality Management

The 5 „S“

Seiri – Clean up
Disconnect required by not necessary and remove everything unnecessary from the workplace.

Seiton – orderliness, every object, keep in the right place
Get the created order by bringing the necessary work equipment in good condition and are kept ready to hand in place.

Seiso – Cleanliness
Keep clean the workplace.

Seiketsu – personal sense of order
Make it a habit to clean and tidy - you begin at work.

Shitsuke – Discipline
Keep an standards, rules and regulations.