Switching tax consultants is easy!

This is how the change of tax advisor works

Not everyone is completely satisfied with their tax advisor. However, many dissatisfied clients do not know how easy it is to change tax advisors.

They are afraid of disadvantages and fear of unnecessary stress.

Therefore, in response to popular requests, I have summarized the most important points that make changing tax advisors child’s play.

The reasons for a change of tax advisor

For many clients, advice on tax issues is not intensive enough. Others are annoyed by unexpectedly high back payments or insufficient tax optimization. Or over long processing times. It is often the case that a customer is looking for a tax advisor who offers comprehensive service including bookkeeping and strategic advice. There are also sometimes differences when it comes to tax consultant costs.

Qualification of the tax advisor is important!

There are always new laws, regulations and tax savings opportunities. Switching to a good tax advisor, who also advises you strategically, can help you to drastically reduce your tax burden so that you do not pay taxes unnecessarily, but on the contrary “save taxes”.

Can everyone change their tax advisor without any problems?

Usually “yes”! Because everyone has the right to change tax advisor according to § 627 BGB. The tax advisor mustn’t put any obstacles in your way when you change. On the contrary: tax consultants are obliged by professional code to ensure a smooth transfer to another tax office. Usually you have a service contract with your tax advisor. You can cancel this at any time without any problems.

When is the best time to change tax advisor?

It is best to change your tax advisor when the annual financial statements, the balance sheet or the tax return have to be submitted. If there is no urgent work to be done, you can discuss everything in peace with your new tax advisor and initiate all the necessary steps. Tax work does not have to be carried out and charged twice.

What about your documents with the old tax advisor

No problem: you have the right to surrender all tax documents. Because the tax documents are your personal property.

What about your data

Since almost everything is now handled digitally, the common control software programs (Datev) have special interfaces. In this way, all tax-relevant data can be easily and quickly transferred from your current tax office to the new tax advisor.

Are problems with the tax office to be expected?

No: The tax office doesn’t care which tax advisor advises you. All you have to do to the tax office is to revoke the powers of attorney of your current tax advisor and submit the powers of attorney for the new consultant. That’s all. We’re here to help.

What about your tax advisor’s liability?

There is a limitation period of 3 years for your claims against your current tax advisor – so you are on the safe side here too.

How your new tax advisor can support you with the change!

We at the Kasperzyk tax office help new clients with inquiries from the Rhein Main area (Frankfurt am Main, Offenbach district, Darmstadt district) with all questions about changing tax advisors).
The transfer of the current payroll or financial accounting from your current tax advisor from the Frankfurt area is also possible without any problems.

How do you find a tax advisor who suits you well?

The main criteria are: professional qualification, competence, service-ready employees, experience, advanced training and, above all, the willingness to advise clients in a friendly, comprehensive and professional manner.

In addition to all professional qualifications, the team spirit and the competence of your personal advisor are decisive factors for a successful and stress-free cooperation.

Are you looking for a tax advisor in the Rhine Main area?

If you are looking for a new tax advisor in the greater Frankfurt area, in the Offenbach or Darmstadt district, our tax office Kasperzyk is a good address …

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Our on-site service for companies

For companies in particular, it is often easier and more time-saving when the tax advisor comes to the company to discuss tax issues or the accounting. That is why our Kasperzyk tax consultancy offers corporate customers in the Rhine Main area an on-site tax consultancy service.

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