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Our scope of work is very versatile, whether for company or individual, whether tax returns or corporate sided commercial services, all you get with us, in the tax law firm Martin Kasperzyk.

An excerpt of our services we have listed here for you.

Free Services

Our clients receive the following services free of charge:

  • individual clients' meetings about 4 times a year
  • 4-year assessment of the important business matters
  • Graphical presentation of the company development
  • Unsolicited tips for adjustment of income tax prepayment and/or reminders in case
    of threatening tax arrears
  • Controlling reports with key metrics of their business
  • Beamer-based balance sheet meeting with multiannual Compare
Tax consultation and Tax planning

Consultation to optimize tax payments
Depending on your individual case we advise you in such a way, that the tax liabilities remain as low as possible. With the assistance of our software we can compute the different tax burdens according to your type of transactions in the business.

With comparisons of many years of balance sheets, descriptive diagrams and comprehensible analyses, we give you necessary security and the "background" for you to make sound decisions.

Examination of tax assessments
According to the latest investigations it is confirmed that one third of all the tax assessments in the Federal Republic are incorrect. This shows, how important it is to carry out a meticulous examination of the assessments, in order to get the possible errors of the tax office corrected. Even for this purpose there are deadlines to met that should be taken into consideration.

Consultation for employees
Even as a small employee one should not donate money to the tax office. This is not only about the deduction of advertising expenses, we also advise you gladly with regard to the salary negotiations with your employer, so that you receive the optimum comprehensive salary (usage of a private car, job-ticket, tax-free employer benefits, direct insurance, Riester-pension).

Co-operation with fiscal external inspection
In case a tax inspector of the tax office has contacted you, it is often the case that there is an urgent need to call for action in order to prevent unnecessary tax damages. Since 01.01.2002 tax inspectors are allowed to investigate your accounts to carry out judicial investigations directly then and there.

Consultation for the tax optimization of the company
The legal formations of GmbH or partnership company (OHG, Kg, GBR) lead to completely different tax burdens, which one must be aware of. In addition to the taxes, probably different other aspects play an important role, as for example: question of liabilities or the formal legal questions.

Payroll and Bookkeeping

Consultation for the organization of the accounting system
On the market there is an enormous amount of programmes on bookkeeping, assignment or payroll. It is not easy to make a correct choice. It is a waste of money to buy such complex programmes, that practically cannot be put into use in one's own company. However, the once purchased program should be used as optimally as possible.

Co-operation during the business planning, investment and financing plans
Even with regard to smaller companies the purchase of investment goods require corresponding planning, in order to secure the financing on a long-term basis.

Guidance and support for the bookkeeping personnel
Even if you carry out your bookkeeping on your own, an accompanying consultation by the tax consultant is important, in order to be able to implement fiscal changes and to meet the formal legal requirements. In addition to this fact, there are again and again such entries to be made that are not common and for which one should not rely only on one's own feeling. We have experienced time after time that during company inspections that one faces annoying situations as avoidable additional tax claims come up due to incorrect entries or certain formal requirements are not met.

Bookkeeping and record the current bookkeeping
Naturally we also carry out your bookkeeping, so that you can concentrate on your own business fully and completely. A part of this service is of course the punctual hand-over of the advance-turnover tax return.

Economical evaluations
With the monthly bookkeeping you receive some economical evaluations from us, from which you can see your monthly operating results (turnover - costs). These are adjusted and well-described by us according to your individual wishes. Further, you will receive a still more exact picture of your company as a result of comparisons of past many years and graphical evaluations.

Issuing of the current wage and salary statements
For many the payroll is still a mystery. We calculate your wages and salaries accurately and thereby also point out the possibilities as to how you could save wage tax and social insurance contributions.

Assistance for wage tax and social security examinations
Since the social security examinations are no longer carried out by the health insurance companies, but by the pension insurances, it leads to considerably thorough examinations. Even in this case, there are sometimes small factors and errors to be found, which could result in incurring more expenses to the employer. Therefore it is important, to avoid these errors in advance. However the point here is to keep the costs of the employer as low as possible.

Guidance and support to your staff with regard to the payroll
Even in the case of you doing your payroll yourself, a parallel consultation by a tax consultant is indispensable, in order to take into account the fiscal and legal changes with regard to social security insurance. If you do not do this, you run into risk, that in the next tax inspection it may come to substantial additional claims.

Annual Balance Sheets and Tax Declaration

Preparation of Annual Balance Sheet and Financial Statement
Annual Balance Sheet and the financial statements will be finalized on time by us and thereby taxable possibilities will be exhausted.

Rating of your company
It is not sufficient anymore, to submit the banks the accounting balance annually. In the future the rating of companies will become more and more important and complicated, since the banks require a good rating before granting a loan. He, who does not supply the bank with the necessary information will receive a bad rating from the beginning. In order to prevent this, we supply necessary management ratios and clear analyses for the banks.

Plausibility checks
Many banks require plausibility checks, for instance they ask for the inventory controls. Also in this case we assist you when and where necessary.

Business start-up and financing

Consultation for business start-ups
Here a comprehensive consultation is important, which is not only limited to aspect of tax, but especially in order to set the course correctly from the beginning. There are bank meetings to be held and perhaps to apply for a start-up bank loan, forecasting and if required market analyses to be carried out.

Selection of the type of company
Since companies cannot constantly change its "right dress", one should be mindful of making the correct decision as the decision made once will have long-term effects.

Consultation for ratung
  • Execution of an external and independent rating
  • Foresighted, active rating of your company
  • Weakness-analysis of your company
  • Positive influence of the crucial factors for the bank rating
  • Compilation and preparation of the presentation documents for the banks
  • Informing and negotiating the most important rating criteria
  • Application of special software for rating

"Basel II" leads to highly substantial intensification with the banks with regard to the granting of credit to companies and private people. One does not stand a second chance to get a loan if once failed due to bad rating. Due to this very fact it is essential that from the very beginning to handle this matter actively and cautiously so that you receive a positive rating. From the inception itself it is important to set up the company as far as possible, in such a way that the internal bank rating is positively influenced. Together with you, we configure an offensive rating to convince the bank of your concept of the company.

Since we have the experience in internal methods of rating of some banks, we are aware of the vital factors that will support you in bank negotiations and our experts will advise you how to make your company fit enough to receive a good rating. To subject your company objectively and externally for rating is not only important with regard to getting a loan but also it is an excellent method to recognize your company's own weaknesses as well. By request we even carry out an external rating of your company, in any case the extent to which we carry out our services and the costs will be decided only by you.

Consultation for real estate
  • How does the home owner benefit allowance function?
  • Who offers the most favourable building loans?
  • How do I finance my project?
  • Which processes are possible, so that the tax office recognizes my investment?
  • Which fiscal dangers will threaten the project and how should we draw up the contracts?
  • When does the so-called "commercial property trade" threaten?
  • Questions, one after the other. While answering these questions we would be glad to assist
    you further.
Settling of inheritance

Anticipated inheritance and gifting
When fortunes are available, which at the latest will be gifted after the death of the owner, the so-called anticipated succession should be taken into considered. In this process there are many interesting tax-saving models, that are favourable for both the affluent parents and for the receiving children.

Investigation of agreements under private law and testaments in view of taxes
Contracts under private law are often signed without a proper knowledge of the fiscal consequences. Here it is important, to form the agreements in such a way, that to some extent they do not lead to substantial payments of taxes.

Consultation for restructuring, crisis management, insolvency management
  • Reorganization by restructuring, closure or sale
  • Possibilities to strengthen one's own capital funds
  • Pointing out of alternatives in financing
  • Immediate measures for grave and existence-threatening crises
  • Co-operation with an insolvency manager

Your company is in grave crisis? You can pay suppliers, social security contributions or turnover and wage tax only sluggishly?

We assist you during the immediate crisis management. We conduct bank discussions, discussions with the tax office and the social security institutions, in order to avert the inability to pay. With close co-operation with an insolvency manager we have a close look at the main causes of the company crises and react accordingly.

To avoid a bankruptcy in the first hand, you should negotiate in time and must draw up and carry out a restructuring plan in order to prevent the awful fall of your company. Sometimes just the law and regulations often prevent a reasonable and economical restructuring.

Our experience: In more than two decades, our tax consulting company has already often been engaged in several crisis management and restructuring of companies. This field of business will be further systematically developed by us.

International Tax Law

We speak
English, Polish, Russian and Turkish.

It is a part of our company philosophy, that we adjust well to cultural differences and other mentalities, for which the German tax law is completely foreign.

Some of our clients' companies are situated in these countries: Hungary Brazil England Italy Turkey.

Our services in detail:

  • Tax optimization in local and foreign holdings
  • Fiscal obligations of foreign subsidiaries in Germany
  • Opening up of new business premises abroad
  • Opening up of local business premises of foreign companies
  • Assistance with the establishment of an English Limited Company
  • EC value added tax
  • Tax consultation for move from Germany
  • Tax obligations of Germans living abroad
  • Applications for pre-tax procedure
  • Avoidance of double taxations - locally and abroad

Our experience: for more than two decades our tax consulting company has been involved in crisis management and reorganization of companies. This business field will be further developed systematically by us.

Company consultation
  • Budgeting, Controlling and strategic business planning
  • Financing
  • Economical and fiscal financing alternatives
  • Liquidity computation
  • Evaluation of companies and cooperation
  • Profit analyses of investments
  • Costing and performance calculation
  • Company analyses: organization analyses, sales analyses, cost analyses, balance and GuV numbers analyse
  • Questions with regard to supervision and care for age
  • Consultation for subsidy
  • Organization of transformations, leasing and splitting of companies
  • Loan negotiations
  • Assistance with the procurement of venture capital and private equity
Digital accounting and paperless archiving from 2007

We offer an unparalleled and affordable alternative to the usual exchange of accounting documents with the tax adviser about folder:

They retain their documents in home and scan this. These documents are sent to us through an online portal. We book them in datev and provide you online all evaluations exact day available:

  • Business Evaluations
  • controlling reports
  • cost calculations
  • Open Item List
  • etc.

Your advantage:

  • no time is lost by exchange of documents
  • the-day access to their accounts
  • current meeting with the tax advisors because most current numbers are possible
  • the bank may be currently provided information to 
  • You have 10 years of online access to all documents are discoverable via a tag system at any time, without you long to dig around in the archives

Another highlight:
we will file for the receipts auditable and save them for the statutory retention period of ten years.

Call us if you have any questions. Personal information visit

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Save time and money through efficient office organization

TIME and save money - who does not?

Do you know this situation: until recently you had a pad in his hands - but now where it is needed, it is partout no longer be found?

How much time and money you can save with order and transparency in the office, shows a little example:

10 employees in the company are looking for 30 minutes per day according to records, 15 minutes walk per day unnecessary travel and need 15 minutes for elaborate and unnecessary steps that cost € 40 per hour, make 20 or 200 Missing hours per month, therefore cost the company € 96,000 per year / per employee € 9,600.00.

For a successful work, however, a professional organization of work is necessary.

  • Clear desks
  • Quick accessible documents
  • A structured work planning
  • A sophisticated system of order
  • In the physical and the digital area

We allow you, your concentration and creativity to the essential functions to use when you save time and money and want to discover your individual path to greater effectiveness, then give us a call. We will trim with our partner her office efficiency!